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The Wartime Singers book

The Wartime Singers

With war looming, can they lift the spirits of the troops? A heart-warming and emotional saga.

It’s 1914 and the effects of war are reaching London. Sick and injured servicemen are returning home and Lizzie Kellaway and her godmother Margaret Penrose are determined to do their bit to help them. With Lizzie’s beautiful singing voice and Margaret’s talent for the piano, concerts in hospitals and convalescent homes offer the perfect opportunity to lift the spirits of men who have suffered so much.

When Polly Meadows‘s fiancé rejects her and leaves for the war, she doesn’t hesitate before travelling to London to be with her childhood friend, Lizzie. It isn’t long before she’s persuaded to join their efforts to entertain the troops. At least while performing Polly can forget her troubles and open her soul to the joy of singing.

But the ongoing war brings even more heartache. With all three women facing struggles, one thing is certain: these wartime singers will need each other more than ever before…

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What readers and reviewers are saying:

‘I absolutely loved this book. It’s full of drama, sadness, happiness and hope.’ Zoe

‘An achingly beautiful and poignant book which enticed me from the first sentence.’ Brenda

‘A breath of fresh air.’ Shirley

‘An amazing historical read.’ Rubie

‘I have nothing but praise for this outstanding book.’ Jeanie

‘Breath-taking.’ Margaret.

The Orphan Twins book

The Orphan Twins

Torn apart as children, kept apart by war…

London 1910. The death of their beloved grandmother leaves orphan twins Lily and Artie alone in the backstreets of Bermondsey. They’ve never needed each other more but fate offers a privileged life to one and only poverty to the other. Growing up apart in such different circumstances, can they ever be truly reunited, especially after war explodes across the world and romance brings more challenges?

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What readers and reviewers are saying:

‘The best historical saga I’ve read this year.’ Excel

‘Such a beautiful book. It will touch and pull your heartstrings right to the end.’ Beverley

‘Absolutely fantastic.’ A Lover of Books blog.

‘Brilliant characters that bring their setting to life.’ Chells and Books blog

‘Everything you could want in historical fiction.’ Kelly

The Brighton Guest House Girls book

The Brighton Guest House Girls

A saga of immense charm and warmth, with three characters you won’t forget.

Thea’s loathsome stepbrother is trying to trick her out of her inheritance of her parents’ beautiful house in the seaside town of Brighton by means of a Will which Thea believes to be forged. He gives her three months in which to leave. Afterwards, she will face destitution.

Anna is pregnant and grieving, her explorer fiancé lost at sea. Her violent father drives her from the family home in the back streets of London’s Bermondsey and her fiancé’s upper-class relatives cruelly reject her.

Daisy is in search of independence, running from a man she doesn’t want to marry.

Together the three girls set up Thea’s home as a guest house and embark on a mission to outwit her stepbrother by proving his fraud.

In a race against time, nothing will turn out to be quite as it seems.

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What readers and reviewers are saying:

‘Oh, what a FANTASTIC book from beginning to end… A total breath of fresh air.’ Jeanie M

‘Beautifully-written characters.’ Librarian 253116

‘Thea, Anna and Daisy stole my heart and had me cheering for them.’ Abby S

‘Words cannot describe how much I love this book.’ Rebecca S

‘An engrossing and entertaining novel that moved me and made me smile.’ Anna Maria G

The runaway women in london book

The Runaway Women in London

1920’s London. A scandal, a secret and a silver Rolls Royce.

Dismissed without references when their employer’s valuable necklace goes missing, friends Ruth, Lydia, Jenny and Grace try to rebuild their lives far from home in London.

A surprise inheritance of a beautiful silver Rolls Royce leads them to set up in business as female chauffeurs. But they soon discover that driving is a man’s world and find themselves facing a future fraught with constant challenges.

Soon their business, romances and even their friendship are under threat.

Featuring four attractive heroines, this is a heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty, courage and love.

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What readers and reviewers are saying:

‘A brilliant story of courage over adversity, and friendship like no other.’ Amanda

‘Characters you care about.’  CKO

‘Wow, what an adventure.’  MM

‘Full of fantastic period detail, engrossing drama and powerful emotion.’  Julie

‘I love all my saga books but this one has really filled my heart with joy.’  Sue