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Welcome to my website,

I write fiction, long and short, and mentor other writers too.

Amongst other things you’ll be able to find out about my new saga here. “The Silver Ladies of London” features four best friends – Ruth, Lydia, Jenny and Grace – and I’d love to hear what you think of them. Do get in touch to let me know.

Thanks for visiting,

Lesley x

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The Silver Ladies of London

It is 1923 and clever Grace has dragged herself up from the slums of a small town in Northamptonshire to become secretary to a doctor. Her friends, Ruth, Lydia and Jenny are servants in the same household, but when a valuable necklace goes missing all four girls find themselves falsely accused and dismissed without references.

Mud sticks in Ruston, and they each have other problems too. Grace has a much-loved but infirm grandmother to support. Ruth has a shrewish mother she wishes to avoid and Jenny has a lecherous stepfather she is desperate to escape. As for Lydia, home is an emotional desert as her mother abandoned her years ago and her father is a remote sort of man. Lydia is also passionate about cars, and Ruston has only mockery and contempt for girls like her.

A surprise inheritance from an aunt leads Ruth to suggest that they try their luck in London instead. Discovering that the inheritance includes a silver Rolls Royce, they set up Silver Ladies, a business offering chauffeur-driven car hire with the girls as drivers. However, driving is a man’s world even in London. Soon their business, their romances and even their friendship are under threat.

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